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Corporate Communication forums

These documents are a few examples of my personal work in my Corporate Communication classes.  I have studied and learned proper formating and writing styles. TV News VNR:   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:   5/9/09   Slug: The American Red Cross using Facebook for help   Summary: The Red Cross has been using Facebook to gain … Continue reading

Classes Taken

SMAD (School of Media Arts and Design) SMAD 101: Intro to Media Arts and Design: Study of the historical evolution of today’s media industries and career paths. Emphasis on contemporary issues affecting those industries and careers. Consideration given to emerging media, their required skills and social impacts. Prerequisite: Formal declaration for admission to the SMAD … Continue reading

Creative Work


Creative Work


Giant Billboard or Respond to Customer E-mail?

Looks aren’t everything applies to more situations other than being turned down at a middle school dance and left to sit in the corner where you are then given a pep talk by some chaperone for the rest of the night.  At first, this statement does not seem like it could relate to advertisements.  The … Continue reading

If Employees’ aint’ happy, Nobody is Happy

The customer is always right is generally the motto retailers follow when dealing with customers.  If the customer is happy, they will buy your product and will come back again. In my past posts, I have concentrated on how social media is a benefit for business to consumers to incorporate in improving relations and communication. … Continue reading

Getting it Right, the First Time

Here’s the situation: You have a special event to attend in 2 weeks and you want to make sure you buy the perfect outfit to impress prospective employers.  The invitation states that they form of attire is formal wear.  After shopping around at local retail stores you find nothing that gives you that “ah-ha” moment.  … Continue reading

Holiday Shopping Made Easier (and safer) for Shoppers

Though it is only the middle of October, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year are right around the corner.  The stores are aware of time flying as you may have notices in August pumpkins and scarecrows becoming a popular display items in stores.  Then as soon as Halloween hits, stores magically evolve into Winter Wonderlands of … Continue reading

If You Want to Save Money, Shop like A Mom

Anyone who has ever experienced shopping with or coming home from a shopping trip, hearing an individual of the male species question the purchases that have taken place.   At a young age, I learned from my mother that before you go home, you consolidate the bags so there aren’t as many, and then you … Continue reading

Adding Retailers as Facebook Friends

I remember sitting in my carpool as we drove off to middle school listening to our favorite radio station.  The dj was talking about his shopping trip from the past weekend and how the individual at the register asked him for his phone number.  At first, he did not want to give out that information … Continue reading

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